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Writing a Woman's Life - Carolyn Heilbrun - a very interesting book which examines how women's lives are constructed in biography. A definite re-read, and well worth reading.

Year's total: 164
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Darkspell - Katharine Kerr - a continuation of hte first

Traavel Light - Naomi Mitchison - amusing story. I think I'm missing something.

Year's total: 163
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The Stargazer - Michele Jaffe - a romance novel with a mystery subplot, when I was hoping for the reverse. Not bad, but will not be keeping.

Tunnel Vision - Sara Paretsky - another V.I. book. I need to lay off these for a while. Otherwise, very good.

Castle - David Macauley - fun read. Not as cool as the mill book, since it lacked the mechanical equipment.

Year's total: 161
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Burn Marks - Sara Paretsky -
Blood Shot - Sara Paretsky
Guardian Angel - Sara Paretsky -

another 3 V.I. books. Obviously, I am enjoying them! In the last book, the main character starts to thaw a little and develop as a character.

Year's total: 158
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Mill - David Macaulay - very interesting book about several mills on a river/stream in Providence. Beautifully illustrated. I am glad my copy is hardbound.

Killing Orders - Sara Paretsky - another in the V.I. series. Yum.

Bitter Medicine - Sara Paretsky - the same.

Year's total: 155
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Dead Lock - Sara Paretsky - another V.I. Warchawski. Good.

I am stressy about work, and very likely to be reading a fair bit in the next few weeks.

Year's total: 152
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Faking It - Jennifer Crusie - light, amusing read. May or may not keep.

Year's Total: 151
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Daggerspell - Katherine Kerr - a very good read. There are 15 in the series, and I am looking forward to read my way through. It's interesting how she jumps around in time, but it was not hard to keep what was happening straight in my head.

Year's total: 150
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Garden of Iden - Kage Baker - good read. A sort of historical fiction/ science fiction crossoverishness. I am interested to see what happens in the next one.

Heart of Gold - Sharon Shinn - very enjoyable. Ending was a bit unexpected, but very much follows from the prior story

Year's total: 149
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Solstice Wood - Patricia McKillip - very good. A mixture of her typical other-world and our world. Very good read.

Year's total: 147
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The Other Queen - Philippa Gregory - interesting. a very different view of Queen Elizabeth than the usual.

Year's total: 146
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Double Indemnity - Sara Paretsky - The first of the V.I. Warchowski books. A good read. Will be finding the rest of them!

Year's total: 145
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This Alien Shore - C. S. Friedman - interesting scifi thriller. Much enjoyed.

Embroideries - Marjane Satrapi - reread of the graphic novel. One of my favorites.

Arslan (A Wind from Bukhara) - M. J. Engh - an unsettling book, I don't think I liked it, but it was worth having read.

Happy Hour at Castle Dracula - Marta Acosta - amusing read.

Fried by Jury - Claudia Bishop - another in the Hemlock Falls series.

Palace - Katharine Kerr & Mark Kreighbaum - my only complaint is that it feels like the start of a series, but is a standalone!

The Honor of the Queen - David Weber - mil sf; a good pass-time.

Wave without a Shore - C. J. Cherryh - weird as only Cherryh can be. Will revisit.

Year's total: 144
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More magazines - these I am not keeping.

F&SF February 1995
F&SF March 1996
F&SF December 1977
Analog July 1988

No story or combination of stories jumped out or were memorable enough for me to decide to keep them.

Year's total: 136
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Under Orders - Dick Francis - as usual, a good read. Not too deep, but good.

Deservedly Dead - Sherri Tepper as B.J. Oliphant - a good read too, but not one I'm keeping. I'd like to read the others in the series. I should probably let the Jason Lynx ones go too.

Sword & Sorceress XXII - ed. Elisabeth Waters - good.

Sword & Sorceress XXIII - ed. Elisabeth Waters - also good.

London Bridges - Jane Stevenson - fun novel, enjoyable suspense, I'm still not keeping it, though I will recommend it!

Year's total: 131
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Bimbos of the Death Sun - Sharyn McCrumb - amusing mystery set at an sff convention. Quick read. I think it may be a roman à clef, but I don't know enough to unlock it.

Year's total: 126
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4 more magazines I will not be keeping because nothing in them grabbed me enough:

F&SF Dec 1977, Feb 1995, Mar 1996

Analog Jul 1988

Year's Total: 125
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I have several feet of sff magazine, and I have decided that each one of them is a book, and should be counted as a book.

Cart & Cwidder (Dalemark Quartet #1) - Diana Wynne Jones - a good fantasy; I like how the parents are people too. I am unsure whether or not I will keep it, because if I do, it will be to lend to various nieces and nephews.

The Spellcoats (Dalemark Quartet #3) - Diana Wynne Jones - set a few thousand years before Cart & Cwidder. Interesting book. Fiberwork is important, which connects with me. I'm planning on keeping this one.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, March 1979 - served to pass time.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September 9, 1981 - served to pass time.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, August 1989 - served to pass time.

Year's total: 121
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Point of Honour - Madeleine E. Robins - fantastic Regency mystery - reminds me of Kate Ross. Will keep and look for more.

The Interior Life - Katherine Blake (Dorothy Heydt) - set in the early 1980s; interesting examination of the life of a stay at home mom crossed with a fantasy story - very good and interesting. I like the use of typefaces to indicate which world, and whether or not we are looking at what a person it thinking.

Year's total: 116
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Kristin Lavransdatter II: The Wife - Sigrid Undset, trans. Tiina Nunnally - as good as the first. More when I finish the third in the trilogy.

Year's total: 114


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