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Cross stitch started:
-Daffodil bowls (small, on linen)
-Daffodil bookmark (I think?0
-Poppy and cornflower needlebook and scissors keep (needs finishing, if nothing else)
-R. & M.'s wedding sampler
-Hardanger bookmark (needs finishing)
-Gigantic urn project (over 40 colors, I've been working on it for something like 10 years)

Knitting started:
-Pi shawl in sock wool.
-Slit up the front Cottage socks for E. I finally found them, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the edges not to curl. I may just rip these back, and make some nice slippers for E.
-Shrug - the neck ribbing was too tight, so I ripped it out, and will re-pick up the stitches and redo.
-Adjust the length of my cottage socks, since they're too long in the foot and I feel like I'm going to trip.

-L.'s dice bag
-M.'s dice bag
-M.'s furoshiki
-Various dresses
-Roumanian blouse

Things to start soon:
-T.'s baby blanket
-crochet ball
-another knitted ball
-E. & T.'s cross stitch for the wedding

No wonder I feel overwhelmed!
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(written in bits while waiting for my code to finish running)

The black-and-turquoise bag is into the sides now, thanks to U., who did the base for me. She forgot to bring something to work on for Sunday dinner, and was kind enough to work on the bag for me.

I also started R. & M.'s wedding sampler. It's little bits of color, and lots of backstitch. I use doublerunning stitch instead of backstitch most of the time, since I like it better. It's nice to embroider; I've been knitting more lately.

I "fixed" my sewing machine, which was upset about the tension difference between the bobbin and the main thread, and the two different types of thread, I think. I can finish some of my (long overdue) Christmas presents now. When I'm done with those, I may sew some clothing. I've picked up some Folkwear patterns I'd like to try out.

I'll be ordering from Nordic Needle sometime soon, probably. Hun broke one of my Q-snaps by accident, and I need the replacement parts. There are some other things they have that I'd like.

Book finished: Sunshine by Robin Mckinley. Reread. Good, but not having the place in my heart that her Damar books do.

(Gah! I just lost the post)

I've decided to do Thing-a-Day this year. Commit, for the month of February, to spend a half hour each day making something. I have a bunch of calligraphy stuff that I never use, and that is what I'll be doing. This means I have to clean off my desk (good!). It will be nice to make a large-ish commitment, and keep it.

Played Dragon Dice over the weekend with D. & J. Very fun. I need to get a few more dice to give myself more options with the dice I have, but I have a variety of dice (Thanks J. & M.!), and I expect to build the collection gradually. I'm playing with a coral elf and firewalker army right now, because I only have 2 dragons. I'm planning on acquiring a few more dragons, and terrains. I need to learn how to play, and not just dump money into, "Oh! Shiny! Must have!"


Oct. 15th, 2007 09:12 pm
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I tend to cycle up and down, not in any manic-depressive way, but for a week or so I will be energetic, and then for a similar amount of time, not so energetic. I'm on the downslope now, and I have a lot of things to do for school, so I am expecting my posting here and elsewhere to drop off for a bit.

In other news, I finished the punchneedle Christmas present for a friend of mine; I need to do the finishing and framing on several of these, but I'll do that in a month or so. I'm almost done with my aunt's embellish-this-printed-picture embroidery, which I started about 10 years ago. I will bring it to her for Thanksgiving.

I want to spend some time knitting soon. I need to seam up the sleeve of my shrug, and knit on the collar, then I am done. Then, I will finish the thick, warm socks I am modifying for my friend who has an ankle brace. Then I can start something new, which will probably be a sweater. My first sweater.
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I finished the punchneedle cat and it looks sweet. I'm now working on a heart for a friend of mine. MR, don't look! I should be done to give it to you on Monday!

The Clover hoop and stand are really nice and make it so much easier to work than propping up a regular hoop on a pile of coasters. The Clover punchneedle is sweet, and is much nicer to use than the cheap one that I purchased when I wasn't sure I would like punchneedle.

Oh, I subscribed to Interweave Knits in order to get the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts tabi pattern. (Tabi are big-toe separate socks, and PGR is awesome.) I'll be letting my New Stitches and Piecework subscriptions lapse. New Stitches is $70 a year, and the Piecework and Interweave Knits subscriptions are the same cost.

Project Notes: another headkerchief

So, my wrist is better enough that I have started and finished a headkerchief in white, yellow, blue, & green variegated Lily Sugar 'n' Cream. Yay! Started it on Friday night, finished last night. I used a seed stitch on the strap-border part, though not on the straps themselves. With the short repeat of the variegation, it looks very pretty.

Project Notes: String bag in Size 3 Crochet Cotton

String bag project in general here.
Pattern here.

Fiber: J&P Coats Royale, 2 balls, one pink, one green (colors here) 150 yds per ball.

I used the 2.5 mm (size C) Clover hook for most of it, but for the handles, I used a size H (5.00 mm) hook and 30 stitches, not 36. This made nice, thick handles, that I expect will be comfortable.

I used the additional 4 rows of chain 20, and the additional single crochets around the handles, which widened them nicely.

I had originally bought 4 balls of this thread in order to tat bookmarks, but I decided that it was too soft to use for tatting, and anyway, I have enough tatting thread to last a lifetime. (I bought out a local sewing shop's stock at half price.)

I started this and finished it in about 9 days, and it was not my only project.
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The wrists are doing better; the punchneedle is about half done; and I've run out of thread for the crochet string bag.

Hmm. Maybe I should make a string bag out of bakery twine. I have a lot of bakery twine.

I wish I wasn't sick.

I wish I could stay focussed on the shit that I need to get done.

I wish for world peace and a pony.

Tomorrow I will get enough yarn to finish the crochet bag and make at least one more. And enough little cardboard thingies that the embroidery floss wraps on, and then wrap my Anchor floss, and the DMC flosses I have not wrapped for storage yet during knitting guild.
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But I post now, because I found all the little flyers and stuff I picked up.

The festival collects all sorts of art, from stuff that hun would label as craft all the way through to fine paintings. It's fun to wander and look at all sorts of things.

Ikebana holders seem to be very popular.

Here are some links I collected:

This artist had these really neat oil pastels.

These people had awesome perfume bottles. I may get one someday (when I'm rich) so that I can store the perfume I want to make in it.

Violet planters! If you like African violets, this type of planter is great because you won't have to water them from the top, so you don't risk ruining the leaves it they get wet.

Some of the most beautiful embroidery I have ever seen. It's silk shading, and beyond gorgeous. I hope that someday I will be this skilled at some fiber art.
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I've been working on headkerchiefs. And the poppy needlecase. And the purple skirt got started. It's very simple, but I haven't yet sat down and sewed it. And the Kroy socks I said I'd make with the lettuce edge- I changed my mind. They'll be mock-smock socks instead.

And I just started reading Phillip Dick's The Man in the High Castle. I got tempted after knitting guild, and bought two of his books. I find myself reaching for and wanting to own harder books now. I don't want the twinkie books to take up all the shelf space. I've been sorting as I go, unpacking, and it's amazing the number that can be left in boxes under the bed, and the fact that I'm willing to let any books go at all is stupendifying.
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So yesterday, I bought this kit. I've wanted to try punchneedle for a while, but could never find the stuff to do it without ordering off the net. Knowing little to nothing about it, I was always put off by the amount of effort it would take to sort out what to order and where, so it was pleasant to be able to pick it up at a local gigantic craft store.

I opted to use a tight hoop I already own, and buy a cheap ($3.00) punchneedle, rather than buy all the goodies I'm interested in from Clover. It seems that their "embroidery tool" can be used to loop stitch, backstitch, and satin stitch. I'm interested in simple embroidery, and if this is easier than using a regular needle, I'll probably start to use it. They offer different needle sizes, extra tight hoops, and a hoop stand which gives depth underneath the work. I have a suspicion I'll be buying all of that...

I'm looking at this as a nice, easy way to decorate some of my clothing.
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Good softball game yesterday. One walk, one hit.
Bruised up my wrist. Not awful, but not very good either.

Finished the coton à broder sampler, finally. It looks good. Did a little more work on the poppy scissorskeeper (you'll need to scroll down some.).

Started reading Middlemarch. Kinda boring. I have a feeling there will be some very fleshed-out characters...

Picked up Octavia Butler's Kindred tonight. I do so love her writing. I needed something to take me away, and also to make me think.

Edit: poppy scissorskeeper, not scissorscase
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Here are my weekend goals:
-start work on matrix stuff
-spend 1/2 hour on sorting papers.
-finish coton à broder; all I need to do is embroider the monogram, then it's done
-make brown skirt and purple skirt
-finish one red cranberry sock

If there's time:
-knit the second sock
-do more work on matrix
-do more paper sorting
-re-file patterns, put socks in separate books and note technique patterns
-figure out the needleholder thing and make it
-contemplate crochet hooks
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Okay, so I've modified the list a bit:
-coton a broder
-string bag
-3 sets of sock wool
-the thick & quick socks
-black TLC amore for yoga socks for hun & maybe another set for me, but I will have to do them in rib, as it is a cotton yarn, not wool.
-maybe make a doily of the black TLC amore
-maybe crochet a doily of the string bag leftovers
-maybe the regia partial socks from the string bag leftovers. This will also require ribbing, for the same reasons.
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So, the bear is nearly done. I'm afraid I will run out of the fuschia alpaca I'm using, but I've decided that black will be the substitute color when/if it's needed. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get any until Monday, and I wanted to have the thing done on Monday. ((Sigh))

So, I'm planning on bringing with me:
-string bag project
-Lion Wool-Ease Cottage socks in Thick & Quick
-partial socks
-cotton socks
-coton à broder embroidery
-poppies scissor keep cross stitch

In addition to the schoolwork.

I picked up the size 10 16" circular today for the string bag. The double points were so not working.

I've wanted to do the thick & quick socks for a while, and I'm going to need something rather mindless, I think.

The partial socks & cotton socks will be useful for the summer.

And the two embroidery projects are already started.

It's hard to pack, because I don't know how long I will be staying....
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I'm about 1/3 done with the baby bobbi bear for T.

I want to knit this summer, in no particular order:
-a string bag
-yoga socks
-those regia partial socks
-my elann alpaca flower shawl in purple

(I'll have to see if I can dig up some links....)

Also, I want to finish the poppy needlebook and scissors keeper, and the coton a broder sampler which I started for T.


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