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Another recipe from Diane Seed's Mediterranean.

I've made this one before, and it came out okay. I don't know how, though. When the recipe tells you to drain the eggplant, and put it in with the cooking garlic and onions, then simmer, it makes no sense. How can one simmer without a liquid in there?

For some reason I took agains the eggplant as well, so I haven't eaten it since I made it on Tuesday.

I will be freezing the remains tonight, for future meals.
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So, a week and a half ago, hun broke his wrist. And I had already agreed to cook for August. It seems I will cook for August and September.

This seems like the ideal place to keep track of the recipes I've tried, and what I thought of them.

Hopefully, you all won't be bored.

Dried Broad Been Puree (p 62 of Diane Seed's Mediterranean Cooking) - This is supposed to turn out something like hummus, with fava beans (aka broad beans) instead of chick peas. It did not. Several things may have gone wrong:
-The beans soaked something like 8-12 hours, not overnight.
-Not enough water was used to cook the beans.
-Jarred garlic substituted for whole garlic.

I am willing to try it again, with canned beans instead of dry, more water, and proper garlic before I give up on this recipe.
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So, I have been purging my cookbooks recently, and trying new recipes, and I'd like to put down some cookbook info for people who are interested in what I'm doing cookingwise. If anyone is.

I've taken over the cooking for a while, and I'm trying to move us over to more plants, less animal products, and also more whole grains and less processed foods. I tried to keep things that fit in that philosophy.

My absolutely keep forever cookbooks:
How to Cook Everything - I bought this cheap with a slightly ripped dustcover, and it is my basic go-to cookbook. I don't like the Joy of Cooking, because it does not list the ingredients up front, and I'd become attached to this before I got the Fanny Farmer cookbook.
New Cook Book Souvenir Edition - my parents' big cookbook. I am not sure if they ever use it, but some of the recipes in this are family standards.
Jane Brody's Good Food Book & Jane Brody's Good Food Gourmet - my dad picked these up years ago. Some of the recipes are family standards, and everything I've ever made from them has gotten compliments.

Cookbooks I have used and like:
Diane Seed's Mediterranean Cookbook - I've made a few things from it, and they were good. It is a very pretty cookbook, with watercolor pictures.
Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking - recommended by an Indian friend. Most of the recipes are northern Indian.

Cookbooks I need to try (more) recipes from:
15 Minute Chicken Gourmet - bought in college, did not use very much
Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day - easy homemade bread. Rec'd by [profile] ozarque
Diet for a Small Planet - the original save the world by eating nuts and twigs book
Food Matters - the current save the world by eating nuts and twigs book
From Asparagus to Zucchini - lots of recipes, arranged by vegetable
Madhur Jaffrey's World-of-the-East Vegetarian Cooking - it looked pretty, and I wanted it.
Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home - bought for cheap at a used book sale
Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook - I love the idea of being able to use the rice cooker(s) to make more than rice. Avoid Roger Ebert's book about this - just google for his column; the information is the same.

Cookbooks I am keeping for non-food reasons:
Louisiana Lagniappe - souvenir of a trip. Besides, it tells me how to cook an armadillo!
Apple Kitchen Cookbook - my dad's copy, and it has my dad's apple pie recipe.
Beard on Bread - my dad's copy.
Breads: At the Academy - a gift from a friend.
Complete Book of Breads - has my dad's Christmas bread and roll recipes.


Mar. 21st, 2011 04:55 pm
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Mon: curried beef from the one-skillet dinner, with rice

Tue: leftovers from Sunday, because I have class at 7

Wed: rice and beans of some sort

Thu: leftovers, I believe

Fri: M & R

Sat: leftovers, I suspect
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Mon - leftovers
Tues - dinner out
Wed - probably sausages, rice, a steamed veg.
Thurs - leftover sausages, rice, steamed veg.
Fri - out

Weekend - not my problem
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Discombobulated week, due to presentation yesterday, which went well.

This week, I will try a single recipe, chosen because it uses the things that are already in the house, and the defrosted chicken that is sitting in the fridge:

Vegetable Chicken Curry from the 15 Minute Chicken Gourmet Book. This is not one of the books that I went through for recipes to clip, then get rid of the book, because I figured that quick chicken recipes were a good idea.
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Last week, the power flipped out sometime during the day, so the crockpot of cabbage, chicken, and sausage did not cook. It was later cooked for longer than the recipe called for, and then chilled and refrigerated. It will be some of this week's meals.

Mexican Lentil Soup: Learning to Cook with Marion Cunningham

Sun: Allen's
Mon: romantical stuff
Tue: Cabbage &c.
Wed: lentil soup
Thu: leftovers
Fri: M&R
Sat: leftovers

The cabbage recipe, what we tasted of it, seemed ok. I am dubious about using canned cream of mushroom soup.

Emergency meal: pasta with olive oil, onions, and olives from Arthur Schwartz' What to Cook When You Think There's Nothing in the House to Eat (which book wins on title alone). It was pretty good, though I think I am going to double the onion and caramelize it next time.

The lentil soup was thin on its own, and much better with rice under it and cheddar grated over it.
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Chicken, Sausage, and Cabbage with Wild Rice from the Slow Cooker Meals (Betty Crocker)

Chick Peas with Spinach (Goya Cook's Tour of Spain)

Sunday: pizza (superbowl)
Monday: chick peas
Tuesday: chix & c
Wed: leftovers
Thurs: not sure yet
Fri: M&R
Sat: leftovers or eating out.

Edited: los garbanzos con espinacolas was very good.

The recipe for chicken, sausage, and cabbage in the crockpot was made, but has not been tried.

The steamer basket on the rice cooker works nicely for green beans.
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Hun's job has gotten stressful, and I have 94 cookbooks, but have not used most of them. The plan is to try different recipes from different books (starting with the thinnest!). If I like enough recipes, I will keep the books, if not, I will remove them from the house (bookmooch, given away, donated to Goodwill/Amvets). If I only like 1 or 2 recipes, I will copy them out into my new recipe books - the Hello Kitty notebook that I was given for Christmas.

Also, I am not eating junk food for about a month, and we are moving to more vegetables and whole grains, and less animal products.

This week's plan:
Sunday - hun cooks
Monday - Succotash (In the Kitchen with Miss Piggy)
Tuesday - Garlic Thyme Chicken (In the Kitchen with Miss Piggy)
Wed - leftovers
Thurs - leftovers
Friday - M&R
Sat - probably go out

All days: salad

I might end up switching Tuesday and Wednesday, since I get home later today and earlier tomorrow.

The succotash came out well; I added half again as much bacon (whole package) and skipped the jarred peppers. Hun like it, and I did too, and I will probably keep this recipe.

Added 2/7/11: The garlic thyme chicken was okay, but not worth keeping the recipe.
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Do not buy The Pot and How to Use It. Go here instead - most of the content seems to be the same. Really, in an 140 page book, the recipes shouldn't start on page 77, and the "this is great!" comments should not even be included.

So, I tried oatmeal and a soup this weekend. The oatmeal is McCann's Irish oatmeal, and I followed the proportions on the can (1 cup of oatmeal, 4 of water). It made so much it boiled over, and I threw about 2/3 of it out. I added almonds and raisins. The almonds are overpowered. The oatmeal is very different from the quick oats type - it has a flavor all on its own. The can calls for 4 cups of water at a rolling boil, then adding the oatmeal and simmering for 30 minutes. I'm hoping to get this down to the point I can make and eat it before leaving for school. I'm going to try different fruits and nuts as well. Ebert recommends flaxseed in it, but I'm not there yet.

Soupishness - I took 2 Manischewitz bean soup mixes. Again, I should have cut the water until it did not overflow. I dumped them in before the water boiled. After an hour, I fried up 2 big "Cajun" sausages from Budwey's, cut them up, and dumped them in. U. taught me how to deglaze a pan, and we did that with cheap red wine. The total cooking time was 2 hours, the sausages went in for 45 minutes, and the spice package went in for the last 10. It was let sit on warm then for a half hour. The spice package was very salty, but otherwise, it tasted quite good, and was rather easy.

I'm using a 10 cup rice cooker now; I'm hoping that I get a bright red 3 cup one for morning oatmeal for Christmas.
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Wednesday - Spaghetti alla Zucchine, from Diane Seed's Mediterranean Dishes, p.32

Thursday - (Aubergine or) Courgette Slices with Garlic and Yoghurt Sauce, from same, p. 54

Friday - leftovers or eat out

Saturday - wedding/ D&D pizza

Sunday - dinner?
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Monday - leftovers

Tuesday - Fried rice - worked well

Wednesday - sausages and leftovers

Thursday - hun cooks fancy dinner

Friday - leftovers or pierogy
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Monday: leftovers from Sunday - lasagna

Tuesday: leftovers or something. It ended up being leftovers.

Wednesday: pierogies or something else from the freezer

Thursday: feed yourself!

Friday: out

Saturday: D&D pizza

Menu Ideas

Apr. 28th, 2009 10:11 am
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baked potatoes from the toaster oven.
french fries

Green thumb cookbook has several potato recipes that look good.

Good food book - gypsy soup p. 340.
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We have a lot of leftovers from Easter dinner.

Monday - leftovers

Tuesday - Mac and ham

Wednesday - leftovers; maybe with some fresh scrambled eggs?

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - leftovers or go out

Saturday - gaming pizza
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Sunday: Pizza (homemade)

Monday: Leftovers & potluck (Evensong at church, so we won't be home early.)

Tuesday & Wednesday: Leftovers (reconstituted sloppy joes? soup if it's still any good?) and standby chicken

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Quick Tasty Dahl (Quick After Work Curries p. 85), White Raita from same, rice, gluten free butter mochi or cake. (We are having guests, and I don't eat meat on Fridays in Lent.)

Saturday: Pizza for D&D

Menu ideas

Mar. 20th, 2009 02:37 pm
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I need to put these someplace, and stop carrying around the scrap of paper:

-ravioli - simple sauce, or aglio e oglio
-standby chicken
-mac and ham
-omletty thingy

-corn bread & other quick breads
-5 minute bread

Brody recipes
-chicken fricasse
-oriental stewed chicken
-meat sauce
-split pea soup
-turkey & turkey soup
-chicken with couscous
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One of the things I am trying to do is get routines set up, so that I don't have to think, and I can just do what I need to do.

I would like to have a set of menus for the weeks I cook; hun and I trade weeks cooking. Sundays are usually covered by brunches and dinner parties, so they are not much to worry about (for me, since hun usually does the cooking and most of the work for them. I try to do the cleaning, so that he is not doing everything). I also want to try out new recipes from some of my cookbooks. I have about 20 cookbooks, and I need to sort through them and get rid of the ones that are not used and useful to me.

So, here is this week's menu.

Sunday - pizza - dough from Bittman's How to Cook Everything, hun did the rest. Very yummy.

Monday - standby chicken, salad, starch.

Tuesday - leftovers

Wednesday - chili from Brody's The Good Food Book

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - curried tofu and chickpeas, a Moosewood cookbook I own. New recipe.

Saturday - probably store pizza.
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By Mark Bittman, and from last year's New York Times, is found here.


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