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School just restarted, and I'm feeling swamped. Does anyone else want to post on the next few chapters of The Golden Compass? I'll link from here if you let me know. (Also, I may post more chapters together, rather than one post per chapter, just to keep myself sane.)

[ profile] italianbd I couldn't get your email to work. The book is here.

[ profile] marafish, take a look at the cardigan here. I have the pattern, and it's mostly squares with seaming. Maybe a good first non-scarf to try?
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In which Lyra gets a special object )

I'm going to put some more commentary in a separate entry, because it concerns things far in advance in this book, and in the other books.
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I'm finding reading this book now a very different experience than before, since I am pausing to consider what's going on, and the influences, and the symbolism, and what I will post. Usually, when reading, I inhale the book. I read about 2 pages a minute, and I just sit down or curl up and read. I'm not doing that with this book, and that feels kind of weird.

I realize I'm slow at posting, because a lot is going on. Does anyone mind? Will anyone but [ profile] fledgist comment? Please?

The line in my profile about reserving the right to be arbitrary and capricious is because I want it made clear that I reserve the right to moderate and delete, without explanation, just in case anything nasty ever erupts in here; I will already have stated a policy.

Also, there is a link in the left sidebar that leads to all the HDM tagged entries, so that it's easy for y'alls to find them.
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This is a long chapter, full of information. )
I have figured out how to get the non-standard letters in, and updated old posts with them!

Also, there is a link to all posts tagged HDM over in the left sidebar.
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In which is foreshadowing.... )
I really should learn how to put in the non-standard characters.
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I remember liking this book the best of the three in the set.

Cut! )
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Consensus seems to be chapter by chapter.

Philip Pullman says that Paradise Lost was a big influence on this trilogy. It is available for free from Gutenberg here and here. I have no clue what the difference is.

The movie website has a "find out your dæmon" page. This is what it gave me. I am amused, since I am born in the Year of the Rabbit. The movie website is very slow.

I'll probably start the book sometime this week.
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So over at ML, there was some discussion of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, and since I have been enjoying the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows discussion, I thought it would be cool to have a Dark Materials discussion in a similar way.

I read all 3 books, but have forgotten much of them.

I have several thoughts as to how to do this.
1- Are we reading on an agreed schedule, or each at our own pace?
2- I could post up thoughts after each chapter, then other people can comment those posts as they read.
3- I am so using an ljcut to not spoiler my friendslist (Yes, you, [ profile] serge_lj)!

Please, please let me know what you think if you want to do this!


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