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Petty Treason - Madeleine E. Robins - second Sarah Tolerance mystery, in a slightly altered Regency world. I really like these, and am looking forward to the third. Robins echoes Jane Austen's style better than any other author I've read.

The Gallantrys/Dance of the Years - Margery Allingham (Carter) - one of those follow-the-family through the years sagas. Decent reading.

Coyote Ugly - Pati Nagle - ebook received free from the LibraryThing advance readers program. An interesting collection of short stories with a few recipes. Many are set in the southwest or southwest influenced. A nice read!

Chalice - Robin McKinley - a good read, but not one of her best.

Blood Maidens - Barbara Hambly - third vampire book. A good read, and it's nice to see unpleasant and scary vampires.

The Angel and Other Stories - Patrick McGrath - Ugh. Unpleasant. I think these were supposed to be horror stories.

The Wizard of London - Mercedes Lackey - one of the elemental masters series. Forgettable. Why is this titled for a man, when the primary characters are a 9 year old and an 11 year old girl?

Analog October 1999 - served to fill time.

Year's total: 25 + 1 mag
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Asimov's March 2000 - a nice Kristine Kathryn Rusch story, and another one by Michael Swanwick, I think? that was also very good.

Starlight 2 - ed. Patrick Nielsen Hayden - a book of good short stories, including one from the Riverside world from Ellen Kushner.

Year's total: 189 + 3
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All My Darling Daughters - Fumi Yoshinaga - josei, definiately for adults, very good.

Analog Sept 1999, Feb 2000 - forgettable.

Year's total: 168 + 2
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More magazines - these I am not keeping.

F&SF February 1995
F&SF March 1996
F&SF December 1977
Analog July 1988

No story or combination of stories jumped out or were memorable enough for me to decide to keep them.

Year's total: 136
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4 more magazines I will not be keeping because nothing in them grabbed me enough:

F&SF Dec 1977, Feb 1995, Mar 1996

Analog Jul 1988

Year's Total: 125
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I have several feet of sff magazine, and I have decided that each one of them is a book, and should be counted as a book.

Cart & Cwidder (Dalemark Quartet #1) - Diana Wynne Jones - a good fantasy; I like how the parents are people too. I am unsure whether or not I will keep it, because if I do, it will be to lend to various nieces and nephews.

The Spellcoats (Dalemark Quartet #3) - Diana Wynne Jones - set a few thousand years before Cart & Cwidder. Interesting book. Fiberwork is important, which connects with me. I'm planning on keeping this one.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, March 1979 - served to pass time.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September 9, 1981 - served to pass time.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, August 1989 - served to pass time.

Year's total: 121


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