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A nice one is here.
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I made up this knitting pattern a few years ago, when I messed up something else in a scarf for my dad.

Repeat is 8 stitches over 12 rows.
Each row will repeat from one end to the other.

1- K4, P4
2- repeat 1
3- K1, P2, K1, P4
4- repeat 3
5- repeat 1
6- repeat 1
7- K1, P2, K1, P1, K2, P1
8- repeat 7
9- repeat 1
10- repeat 1
11- repeat 3
12- repeat 3
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My pattern:

Cast on 32 stitches onto size 4 dpn.
Knit 1 inch k1p1 rib.
On next round, *k2tog*.
On next round, *k1 yo*.

Continue for the length of the cell phone in plain knitting.
Decrease for bottom as for sock or mitten toe.
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The original pattern is given here.

My notes on it:
-I've been using a size 7 circular and worsted weight cotton (Lion kitchen cotton or Lily sugar 'n' cream). I generally knit two sizes down from the recommended needle to get gauge.
-For a small kerchief, I have the pattern repeat 7 times. For a larger one, I repeat 10 times.
-The pattern is wrong. Pattern stitch row 5 should be:
Row 5: Sl1, YO, K5, *YO, K2tog, K4*, repeat section between stars until 1 st remains, YO, K1.
-After the last pattern repeat, I knit across once, then cast on 20, then purl back across that strap, the K1P1 rib for the length of the body of the kerchief, then I cast on another 20 for the other strap. I knit back across it, K1P1 rib the body, knit the other strap, and bind off the whole thing in whatever pattern was established. This makes the straps non-stretchy, and prevents the edge from curling. I considered seed stitch instead of rib, but it didn't look as good.


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