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So, a few weeks ago, I moved a bunch of bookshelves around, which opened up the room, and gave a sense of space and immediate progress.

I have the hobby books segregated on a bookshelf, and the unread books on others, and I have a whole empty bookshelf to unpack books into! Yay! I can also purge as I unpack, which is very, very exciting. I am also reading a 5 novel set which I probably won't keep; I am trying to read down my unread pile, so as to free up the shelf space.

The computer is set up, and the desk is mostly cleaned, and ready to use!

I've started to purge files, and am making progress there. I think I will end up with significantly less paper. Woot.

I figured out what to use to replace the jewelry box I broke.

I just let go of a bunch of rubber stamps I won't use again. I'm keeping the ones I like. I never use the sealing wax, so ... bye!

The knitted kerchiefs I made a few summers ago? I never wear them. Bye!

I have an entire empty plastic rolley-cart, just waiting for me to figure out what to put in it!

This is so exciting - it feels do-able that I can have a clean, organized room, for the first time in my life. And once I get the room in shape, I have the room to clean out the other places (attic, basement, closet) where stuff collects, and get rid of the things in there, as well.
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I have lived in the same city for 18 years, and in the same house for 6 of them, and accumulated quite a lot of stuff. I'm now at a point where the equation is:

More stuff = more time & energy spent taking care of stuff = less time and energy for other things

I've done a lot of headwork in the past 9 years or so, and I no longer want and need to hold on to everything. I can let go now.

Since we moved here, I've mostly dealt with my stuff by shoving the mess into my room, where it was my problem and not hun's. I've gotten rid of some things in the past 3 years or so, but nowhere near the amount I want to.

The problem is this - everything has to be dug out, assessed, compared to other pieces to see what redundancy exists, and then disposed of (mostly donate or save). I want to have some sort of big, comprehensive plan for cleaning up this room, and work it through piece by piece, checking stuff off lists and feeling so accomplished.

But I've noticed that I can't summon the interest/energy/willpower/spoons to even make the big, comprehensive, perfect plan. Stuck in the mud, spinning the wheels.

I just moved my desk. I took the foot high pile off it, put it onto the extra bed - no sorting, no organizing, no assessing, no thinking - just moving it. The desk is in the corner, the computer is set up, the rolling file cart is underneath it, and the entire room is a massive wreck. Aside from that one corner. The plan - the hope - the dream - is that I will build on that one corner. Do a little bit, every day, until the whole darn thing is clean, neat, and organized.

Wish me luck!


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