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In alphabetical order:

52 Loaves: One Man's Pursuit of Truth, Meaning, and the Perfect Crust - William Alexander - an enjoyable book about baking a loaf of bread a week for a year. I am keeping this one.

Classical Whodunnits - Mike Ashley - Not very good. Pre-Roman Aphrodite makes reference to the Vestal virgins in the first story. Seriously.

Quiet as a Nun - Antonia Fraser - I don't remember anything about it, so it wasn't bad.

Arcanum: The Extraordinary True Story - Janet Gleeson - Interesting history of the start of porcelain-making in Europe. The porcelain museum in Toronto would have been more interesting if I'd read this first.

From Sophie's Table - Sophie Grigsson - the dessert recipes look best.

Basket Case
Double Whammy
Tourist Season- Carl Hiaasen - All typical Hiaasen.

The Long Divorce - Edmund Crispin - Good enough mystery. Will look for others of the series.

In a Gilded Cage: From Heiress to Duchess - Marian Fowler - Interesting set of character sketches of the 5 women who married British dukes in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Ghostway - Tony Hillerman - Good mystery, as expected.

Alanna: the First Adventure -
In the Hand of the Goddess -
The Woman who Rides Like a Man -
Lioness Rampant - Tamora Pierce - her first set of books - not bad stories, but not as good as the following works. About a girl who dresses up as her twin brother and goes to become a knight.

First Test
Lady Knight - Tamora Pierce - Awesome series about the first girl to become a knight without hiding the fact that she is female. I think I connected with this a little bit because I am an engineer.

Digger: the Omnibus Edition - Ursula Vernon - Graphic Novel. I was one of the kickstarter backers. Awesome!!! I want to be Digger when I grow up.

Cart of Death - Mari Ulmer - decent enough mystery.

Calender of Crime - Ellery Queen - Don't bother.

The Blond Baboon - Jan Willen van der Wettering - not a particularly good mystery - didn't like the detectives.

Little Earthquakes - Jennifer Weiner - about being a new mother. Not bad.

Men Explain Things to Me - Rebecca Solnit - set of essays about feminism and about being female. Good read.

Ooku: The Inner Chambers, Vol. 9 - Fumi Yoshinaga - interesting, as always


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